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Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival Toys at Thăng Long Imperial Citadel

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time when grandparents, parents show their affection to children. It is also a time for family gathering and union and the sharing of benevolence and charity for the whole society. On Mid-Autumn Festival, people recall stories about their origins and ancestry to pass down traditions to young generations.

Coming to the Joyful Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 at Thăng Long Imperial Citade, children will have an opportunity to visit and explore the colorful exhibition space of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival which is full of traditional toys such as festive drums, carousel lanterns, star lanterns, fish lanterns, kites, mascots, clay figurines, mâché-paper masks, metal vessels, cellophane toys, etc.

The more we look at the traditional toys that are becoming increasingly rarer in today’s life, the more we admire and adore the work of skilled artisans and craftsmen nationwide who are trying hard to preserve the soul of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.


Paper laureate doctor and the cane-swinging man


Paper figurines


Carousel lantern


Space for the exhibition of different types of drums


Fish lantern


Dough animals


Clay figurines


Star lanterns and kites


Mâché-paper masks


Metal vessels


Drumming Rabbits

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