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Hoàng Thành Thăng Long


Earthen construction materials


The Imperial Citadel was home to many architectural constructions.  Those were magnificent and majestic castles, palaces and walls. These constructions required to be built with earthen materials – mainly bricks and tiles – which were durable with sophisticated decorative carvings. Under Ly Dynasty, bricks were artistically carved. Bodhi leaf, a …

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Royal ceramics in the Imperial Citadel


Many royal pottery (used for daily activities of kings) have been found in the archaeological process in ruins at 18 Hoang Dieu (Ha Noi). The ceramic artifacts show that the level of processing ceramics of Thang Long craftsmen reached the peak of that period. The white and celadon enamelled ceramics …

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Enamelled roads in the Imperial Citadel


Previously, historians have argued about the location of the Imperial Citadel. Some said that the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was located in the west of Hanoi ancient citadel under Nguyen Dynasty. Others said that the Thang Long Imperial Citadel was at Hanoi ancient citadel under Nguyen Dynasty. The debate …

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