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Exhibition “Hanoi – Echoes of the braving death oath” commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Nationwide Resistance Day (19 December 1946 – 19 December 2021)


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Nationwide Resistance Day (December 19, 1946 – December 19, 2021), the Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Conservation Center organized the thematic exhibition “Hanoi – Echoes of the braving death oath“. The exhibition includes 3 parts which are titled hanging by a …

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Conference on New Archaeological Findings


The Conference is an annual scientific activity of archeologists nationwide. This is a featured event associated with the history of formation and development of archeology in the country over the past half century. The conference is a scientific forum to disseminate and share research results and new discoveries in the …

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Memories of Võ Nguyên Giáp at D67 Building and Bunker.


During the Resistance War against American Imperialists and Liberation of the South (1954-1975), the Hanoi Ancient Citadel served as the Headquarters of the Vietnam People’s Army. It was here that that the Central Military Commission and the General Staff (Zone A of the Ministry of National Defence) worked and many …

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King Lê Hiến Tông’s Poems on Fans


The fan is a common everyday necessity in the life of the people. Apart from providing currents of cool wind and protection from the sun and rain, the fan is also used as an aid in traditional art performances. For men of letters, the fan can also help them express …

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