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Co Loa Citadel relics

Các di tích của Thành Cổ Loa

Bai Men archeological site


Bai Men archeological site (Co Loa commune) located in a high ground near Hoang Giang river, about 1 – 1.5m higher than the rice field in the South-east of Co Loa citadel. Bai Men is about 1.5km far from Tien Hoi archaeological site and borders Dinh Trang archaeological site in …

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My Chau Temple

My Chau temple is lay inside Co Loa pagoda, a place for Buddhist worship, with the architecture in form of “nội công ngoại quốc” (internal shape looks like Chinese character “cong” 工 and external shape looks like character “quoc” 国), character 工 is located in the center, in font is …

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